Friday, 14 February 2014

Frocktasia Towers

I promised in a previous post that I'd give you a tour around our wee abode and today I finally got round to taking some pics. These past few weeks I've been very busy with market preparations and writing my business plan. Starting my own business was never really a doable thing when we were living in London. I did try but the horrendously steep living costs were too much of a prohibitive factor. Any attempts came to an abrupt end as soon as rent day loomed.  It was never going to happen in London but I think Glasgow might be just the ticket. 

Last Sunday Frocktasia made a splash at the lovely Little Birds Market & on the 23rd of this month we're testing out Granny Would Be Proud. I was so impressed with Little Birds so I've already booked a stall for the March event and we'll also be doing a turn at Glasgow's Affordable Vintage Fair on the 15th of next month.

I thank my lucky stars that Mark spotted that Can't Buy Me Love poster  last year and then gently twisted my arm into doing it, that initial plunge was a game changer. Meeting Leslie was another pivotal moment and exhibiting at The Dandy Lion Market boosted my confidence no end. I'm chuffed to bits how things have turned out.

Right I stop harping on and show you our pad. It is tiny compared to what we left behind in London but then again we are not paying £1000 per month any more. Much like our last flat this one is a bloody fridge but thankfully we are getting some insulation put in at the end of this month. Hopefully that will mean, no more wearing all your outdoors clothing indoors, fingers crossed.

Here's our home...
Hallway featuring Iggy the plastic iguana.
This house gave me good vibes from the first moment I stepped in the door.
I love all the wood paneling, it makes me think of cosy ski chalets in the Alps.
The bedroom is also Mark's playroom. Our beloved plants seem to dig the house too.
This is my playroom or should that be Barbara's room perhaps?! We have a storage unit that is the same size as this room that holds my vast collection of clobber. I am so glad it's not kept in the house anymore.
In our last flat we didn't have a shower so for twelve years I was a bath girl but this tub is tiny so I'm fast becoming a shower convert.
My mum sent me this cute cross-stitch to keep above the toilet. It reads "You can sit here in your own thoughts until somebody else comes knocking"... in Swedish it rhymes.
Our wee tiny micro kitchen. This was the hardest thing to get used to. The kitchen in our last flat had a huge couch in it, loads of cupboard space and the door that led out to our beloved balcony and our gorgeous pigeon friends. It's definitely not a kitchen for a cooking enthusiast that's for sure. I'm learning to live with it but I will never love it.
So there you go, you've now seen Frocktasia Towers. We do have a small garden with a shed too but it's too bleeding freezing to go outside today so that'll have to wait until a sunny day. We do get a lot of garden birds which is lovely and there are three pigeons that come regularly. A couple that we've named Laurél and Hardy and a white speckled one that we call Motley.

To finish off just a little medley of pics from last week...
I made a handcuff belt from a 50p set of furry love cuffs, I also bought two new wigs on eBay and took delivery of Frocktasia's new business cards and rubber stamp from Vistaprint.
It's amazing how happy a rubber stamp can make a person, I felt like I was five years old playing post office again.
Our stall at Little Birds Market at Sloans. We shared the fabulous Snug Room with  Blithe Spirit vintage jewellery stall run by the very lovely Palma.

That's all for this time folks, hope you are all doing well & keeping warm.
Loads of love,


Connie said...

I love your place! I know you say it's chilly but I'm getting a definite tropical vibe. The very best of luck in your new location. You're gonna thrive!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Kul att få se ! Kallt här med ... vinter ...brr..

Ivy Black said...

Love it! It looks so warm and welcoming. No wonder you're chuffed with it. I know what you mean about the rubber stamp! I've just got one and I think they're the business. i Love the look of them.

thorne garnet said...

what a sweet home. Were the walls painted that color when you moved in? Because i love them!

pastcaring said...

Your home looks colourful, individual, warm and inviting, just as a good home should! Glad to know you are truly settling in. Great news about your market success and future plans, hope you continue to do well, Jennie! xxx

Vix said...

It looks fab, homely and cosy and colourful and like you've lived there for ages! How good that you can afford to rent storage space from all the dosh you've saved not renting in London, too. It must make life a heck of a lot easier.
Have a look for "Window Film" online. We swear by it. Its not the most attractive thing but it certainly helps banish the draughts from the windows and makes our house a lot warmer! xxx

Oranges and Apples said...

Looks lovely! all the best with your markets, maybe you can branch out into Edinburgh at some point!

Panty Buns said...

Your new pad looks very neat and is beautifully decorated. I love your taste in colours. Every room looks inviting. I love it all, from Iggy the plastic iguana to the guitar, the perfect plants, your neatly organised shelves, the fascinating and pretty wall decorations, the couch, the bed, the stuffed animals, your playroom, the brand new looking bathroom - though I'm sorry your bathtub is so small. I really should endeavor to get a working bathtub myself. Best of luck with the insulation and heating. Your rails of frocks look lovely as always. Happy Valentine's Day :)

Underemployed1 said...

It's a LOVELY flat! And who needs room to cook? I'm a GREAT cook, and my kitchen could be a big, walk-in clost.

My best to Iggy...

Trees said...

Oh I love your little flat - I hope insulation will make it nice and cozy for you too. Good luck with getting your business off the ground!

shine star said...

Great post ! ;)

Emalina said...

What a lovely new flat you have! And those wigs suit you perfectly!

Kelly Jackson said...

Aw, your new home looks so cozy and inviting, and funky and very you! I love the wood paneling and the red walls and floor. It can be hard settling into a new place but it looks like you've really hit your stride.

... And I love the frock you're wearing in your new header - dreamy! Xo

Panty Buns said...

I neglected to mention in my previous comment that your stock of vintage and retro treasures look delightful and your rails of frocks are wonderfully colourful. You've obviously been quite busy making your lovely apparel and furnishings available for sale at the Little Birds Market, at Granny Would Be Proud, and soon at Glasgow's Affordable Vintage Fair on the 15th. Is there much celebration of Saint Patrick's Day there in Scotland and will you be wearing green?
Your new home looks fabulous. Congratulations to you and Mark for doing so much hard work, for making things happen and for taking the time to share with your photos and about your adventures here.