Sunday, 26 January 2014


As it is Burns Night we were going to have veggie haggis , neeps and tatties for tea but when I went to turn the light on in the kitchen the blasted striplight blew. I didn't fancy cooking by candle light so instead we traipsed off to the pub to have our din-dins. I've really started enjoying going to pubs again. In London you'd get very little change back on a tenner for two pints but at our local watering hole a pint of ale is a mere one pound fifty. Complete and utter pie-eyedness is well achievable for less than a twenty spot. I think Rabbie Burns would have approved.
Faux-fur trim PVC coat (local discount fashion shop)
Fluffy snood (99p Stores)
70s crepe and lace blouse (market)
90s Harris Tweed tartan shorts (market)
Plain & lace layered tights (charity shop & Aldi)
Doc Marten boots (car boot sale)
Last Thursday Mark and I spent three hours at the storage unit picking out an array of fabulous garments that will be gracing our rail at the Little Birds Market on Sunday the 9th of February. 
I also designed a new logo for Frocktasia and ordered some new business cards from Vistaprint.
We are both getting very excited about our launch into the Glasgow vintage market scene. I'll definitely do a "sneaky-peek post" as per usual but it won't be until a few days before the market. 
I've also started selling on Asos Marketplace. So far I've only added a few items and it's all stuff that I already had photos and descriptions for. As a wardrobe shop you are allowed to add up to a hundred items for free and Asos only take a 5% commission on sold items. I was just getting a bit fed up with eBay and fancied trying something different, we'll see how it goes.
It's been a busy and productive week. I'm feeling very upbeat and excited about the future. Life is good!
On our way back home from the pub we stopped off at Aldi's to stock up on some more drinkies. At a bargain £1.35 a pop...I don't mind if I do, thank you very much!
Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.
Loads of love,


Penny-Rose said...

Hi Jennie, I really like the new logo - very smart! Superb outfit too, the coat is amazing. Hope you had a lovely night out.

Indigo Violet said...

Eddie Reader sang here (in Dunedin) a few years ago and she was amazing!

Rose&Bird said...

Great outfit, the coat looks lovely and warm! £1.50 a pint sounds like a complete bargain - we definitely get fleeced in 'the South'. Good luck with the fair, I'm sure you'll do well. Like you, I'm totally fed up with eBay, I will check out ASOS as I still have loads of stuff to sell.

Underemployed1 said...

That nails it, I'm moving to Scotland.

pastcaring said...

You're looking great, Jennie, love the coat and the tartan shorts, and a night out at the pub to celebrate Burns Night sounds good to me, especially at those prices!
Good luck with ASOS and the fair, the logo is fab, and you really sound as though you are happy and busy and finding your feet in your new home. Good for you! xxx

Shybiker said...

Great look. I've never heard of plaid shorts before. Or veggie-haggis. Thanks for opening my mind a bit.

thorne garnet said...

you're photos remind of of that old song that goes ".....down in the tube station at midnight" For the life of me I can remember who did it.

Wow, really beer! Lots of people around here think drinking Bud Lite is drinking beer. As far as I'm concerned, if I can see through it, it's not beer.

Love the new logo and good luck at the market

Leslie Wilson-Rutterford said...

So glad you found a great Scottish outfit and had a fun night out. Hope you sorted your strip light in the end! LOVING the new hair do. xx

Connie said...

Always such beautiful things from my little Jennie. Veggie haggis???Do tell. I loooove beer. burp! We're going to a brew pub party this week. You've inspired me to wear tartan. Cheers!

Harrie Hattie said...

Loving the Tartan Jennie, check me out my life is Tweed/Tartan xxx

Mrs. D said...

Love the logo, it's very good!
Good luck with the market, I hope it goes well!
Hugs x

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love that coat so much! So elegant and mysterious. =)