Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Happy is what we are when we're together

We've had some cracking summer weather here the past few days and as luck would have it Mark had two days off in a row, yay!
After he finished work on Saturday we bundled all our dive gear, along with four borrowed tanks and weights courtesy of awesome Aquatron, into the car and headed north to Ballachulish.
We stayed the night with mum and on Sunday morning we did our first ever completely solo buddy-team dive in Loch Leven.
There are two popular dive sites within a stone's throw of mum's house, the one that we went to with Ben a while back called Manse Point and another one that is even closer to the village called The Slates.
Unfortunately Mark had forgotten to charge his GoPro camera so we've got no pics or film of what we saw under the surface which was a shame cause the visibility was really rather splendid on the day.
We did two dives of about 40 minutes each, the maximum depth that we went to was 20 meters and the dive highlights were spotting a Ling  and having a close encounter (thankfully not too close) with a large Lion's Mane Jellyfish. The water temperature was a cool 10°C but I kept fairly warm in my Scubapro Climatec Undersuit & Everdry 4 Drysuit combo.

On Sunday evening we drove back to Glasgow and celebrated our buddy team milestone by cracking open a few bottles of choice ale, awesome!

When we woke up on Monday morning the sun was blazing though the window and although I had planned to spend the day indoors taking photos for the Etsy shop, it would have been a sin to miss out on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year.
So Mark and I decided to grab our snorkeling gear and head to Wemyss Bay for a day by the coast.
Here's Mark all wetsuited and booted running into the Firth of Clyde...
It would have been too cold to go snorkeling for any length of time without wearing a wetsuit but with a protective layer of neoprene we could stay in the water for a good twenty minutes. The water was crystal clear so the visibility was amazing. We spotted lots of crabs and really small jellyfish but I spent most of the time looking for unusual pebbles for my collection.

Here are a few snaps of our lovely day at Wemyss Bay...
We only took a couple of pics at The Slates on Sunday as our minds were pretty preoccupied with getting everything just right..."planning the dive and diving the plan".
The dive site name is spot on. Here I am rocking my fleecy thermal onesie or Monkey Man Suit as I like to call it.
A well deserved cuppa in-between dives.
So that was the tale of our two days of diving and snorkeling fun.

This is the lifestyle Mark and I have been longing for and I can't begin to explain how happy I feel that we finally got our procrastinating act together and made the move up north. I feel tremendously blessed that everything has turned out so good and that we've managed to hook up with such awesome & kindhearted people.
Don't get me wrong, we had a really nice life & lovely friends down in London too but financially we were always chasing our tails. Even if Mark was earning twice as much as he is here in Glasgow we were still always teetering on the brink of being completely broke.
Although the move has not put us in a better place financially at least we are much happier and we get to do loads of fun stuff, which to me is more important than a bulging bank balance anyway.

Last month we were sent a lovely surprise parcel from our friends Kaori, Adam and their cute as a button daughter Maya in Japan. It contained (among other things) two beautiful kimonos and obi belts.
We have been awaiting an opportunity to take some photos of them and on the way up the road last Saturday evening that opportunity presented itself.
We wanted a dramatic backdrop to do these truly stunning garments justice and it doesn't get much more dramatic than the spectacular Buachaille Etive Mor.
It was Mark that choose this spot. I think it's quite Hokusai-esque.
Mark snapped a few solo sans wig ones of me but the midgies were out in force so it had to be a guerrilla style photo session. 
I had some fun with PicMonkey this morning :)
I'll leave you with a cheesetastico tune from the 90s, enjoy  ;)
May this blog post find you happy & healthy.
loads of love,


Leslie Wilson-Rutterford said...

Sounds and looks dreamy and fun. So glad you two have found a new niche in your life. A healthy contrast to London? You are both surely looking well. The landscape is pretty breathtaking, for the UK, and I adore the coloured pebbles! I really like the kimonos and obi belts. Yours is particularly stunning, and very well teamed with the long brunette wig! Can't wait to see you guys in the summer. xx

Frocktasia said...

we are very much looking forward to seeing you again too.
Glasgow is getting ready for the Commonwealth Games that kick off at the end of July and hopefully there will be loads of free fun stuff for us to enjoy when you are up :)xxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Those kimono pics of the two of you are truly stunning!! Gorgeous couple! I'm happy for you both that you are living your dreams...

Jessica Gjedsted said...

I just love the pictures of you two, and the joy of your new life is actually radiating through the photos. I am so happy for you.

Connie said...

Isn't it nice when the stars align and things in life just start to hum along. It looks like you have a wonderful lifestyle in a beautiful place. Two nice people. Rockin' their kimonos. Love it!!!!!!

Jet Kuhn said...

It's lovely to see you both enjoying life so much (not that you didn't before!) The photos are lovely -- the scenery; those pebbles! The kimono (how gorgeous they are & you guys in them!) shot is absolutely perfect & did indeed evoke a sense of Japan. So YAY for Mark choosing just the right spot! I hope you both continue to be happy in your new home! XXX Jet

Kati said...

Glad you had a nice time off!


Underemployed1 said...

How lucky you are! Like a fairy tale. Enjoy every minute and send some good vibes my way.

Indigo Violet said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. I am having a love affair with Scotland at the moment!

Panty Buns said...

I love your photos and the GIF. Wemyss Bay looks beautiful. You and Mark look great in the kimono photos. Your floral print kimono and wig look beautiful and the setting is pretty. What a shame that the midgies were munching on you. I'm going to have to brush up on my Centigrade to Fahrenheit conversion skills more since it appears you may be doing more diving oriented posts. They're fun to read.


Gabriella George said...

sweeet! follow for follow? xx


Kelly Jackson said...

Gorgeous kimonos and photos, Jennie! Xo