Thursday, 12 June 2014

Swede sixteen

Life has a habit of motoring along and before you know it another decade is reflected the rearview mirror.
Sixteen years have passed since the whole family last managed to get together, which is far too long!
We are a somewhat scattered brood and that makes it a little bit more difficult to organize a reunion but earlier this year my beloved mother decided that the time had come for us all to gather once more and a date was set.
We had a tremendously fun and fabulous weekend. Three wonderful days packed with laughter, yummy food and amazing Swedish summer weather...PERFECT!
Top left: Dennis (my niece Annelie's boyfriend), Emma (my little brother David's girlfriend), Johnny & David (my brothers), hubby Mark, Per (my brother), Jes (my sister Jessica's husband) & Me
Middle left: Astrid (Jessica & Jes' daughter), Ewa (my wonderful mum), Benjamin (Jessica & Jes' son), Jane (my brother Per's girlfriend
Bottom left: Gunnar (my awesome dad), Jessica & Marie (my sisters) and Annelie (my sister Marie's daughter).
Also featured in the picture Tintin the dog.
The weekend in pics...
On Monday afternoon Mark and I took a train up to Stockholm and strolled around in Gamla Stan for a few hours.
On Tuesday morning we left the clear blue sky behind us and flew back to a cloudy Glasgow. 
 I wish I could have scooped up the glorious Swedish summer weather and brought it back home with me.
We had such a lovely time and a unanimous decision was made to get everyone back together again for my niece's graduation next year, can't wait!
I love my bonkers family :)

I will leave you with a beautiful song by Sweet Laredo...
Hope you are all doing grand and that the sun is shining where you are.
Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post, they are much appreciated.
Loads of love,


Panty Buns said...

That GIF of your "bonkers" family is great! 16 of you in the photos after 16 years - wow. I had to use Google Translate to try figuring out what Mark was saying in the photo caption - the Google translation was "hello hello hello very much". I enjoyed seeing the Postcard and photos from your fabulous three day get-together in Sweden. The weather has been wonderful here lately too. Your blog is looking great. I like the Frocktasia on etsy image with its link below it. The dress you wore in the photo right above the GIF is beautiful. The turquoise tights you styled with your outfit complement the dress nicely.

Connie said...

Oh Sweden in the Summertime. I was there once in the summer and it was sooooo sweet. So happy that you had such a lovely time with your family. I'm off to visit mine up in the US Rocky Mountains this summer. It's been 3 long years.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

This all looks perfect!

Underemployed1 said...

What a lovely family you have! Why did you ever leave?