Thursday, 24 July 2014

Upon a hill across a blue lake

Bare feet against soft moss, magnificent mountains as far as the eye can see, a light breeze to keep the midgies at bay, that is all it takes to please me. 

I really love injecting a little bit of drama and movement into my pictures because I prefer photos that are a bit quirky. I call my favoured posing style 'Jazz Hands' as it often involves some sort of flailing of the arms and hands.
I was given this magnificent book from the early 1900 by my former boss at The Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden. It contains a collection of  The Sketch, which was a society magazine with regular features on royalty and the aristocracy, theatre, cinema and art studies. It was in print from 1893 to 1959.
I love spending a few hours just flicking through its pages, being wowed by the fabulous theatrical get-ups and picking up posing pointers from ladies that had the old Jazz Hands posing nailed.
I have been a very busy bee of late, since my last post I have become auntie again and bagged a wee freelance gig selling scuba gear on eBay.
The Commonwealth Games have rolled into town and  little old me is taking part, and before you ask...No, I am not racing against Usain Bolt.
I am a member of  The Aquatic Field of Play Intervention Team and I will be doing a couple of shifts at the Tollcross International Swimming Centre here in Glasgow next week.
So, you may be wondering what I will be asked to do if called upon, well, well...
If someone gets into the pool, who should not be there, and the police and security can't persuade them to get out then The Aquatic Field of Play Intervention Team steps in and forcibly removes the person(s) from the water. I really hope that we won't have to step in mainly because it would interrupt the games and ruin the vibe for competitors and spectators alike.

Sunday was spent in Ballachulish painting mum's living room and doing various little jobs around the house , then we fired back down the road on Monday briefly stopping off in Glen Coe for an impromptu photo session. I always like to bring a wee bag of clobber, accessories and wigs just in case an ideal opportunity presents itself and on Monday it did.
 As it is peak-season now we had an audience of bemused tourists and surprised looking walkers for most of our photo session.
This spot is just next to the main road and cars and trucks are passing all the time but you would never have guessed it from looking at these photographs. Mark is pretty good at cropping out roads, pesky power lines and walkers sporting day-glo.
The frock has been in my collection for well over five years. I haven't worn it before and to be honest when I bought it this was exactly the kind of thing I had in mind for it. I wanted to capture its beauty in some nice pics before letting it go again. I have quite a few frocks with a theatrical vibe and I can't think of a more stunning backdrop for them than the beautiful Highlands.
Look, no Jazz Hands!
 Last year we shot a stunning red velvet frock by Quad and a spectacular bronze coloured extravaganza by Priscilla in the Glen.
This frock is labelled 'California - The Look You Love' and here I am sporting it with a long black wig bought on eBay and a belly-dancing coin belt worn as a headdress that I picked up from a car boot sale in London.
The picture editing frills were added with PicMonkey.
I hope you are all doing grand folks.
I'll leave you with the banging tune that was blasting through the car speakers as we drove through the Glen, Yeehaw!
Loads of love,


Panty Buns said...

The photographs of you doing your artistic poses in that lovely frock in such a scenic setting would be perfect for translation to collectible classic style paintings. It's nice that the breeze kept the midgies away. I'd pondered what a dilemma that would present if I had been in your place when the midgies were so bothersome. I would have wanted to drench myself in Deep Woods Off but would be afraid the oily repellant might stain the gorgeous vintage frocks.
Best of luck in the aquatic intervention team. If you do have to utilise your aquatic prowess I hope it goes smoothly like the way we practiced for rescue of a panicking non-swimmer in Red Cross Senior Lifesaving eons ago. I'm sure it would be easier than racing against Usain Bolt at least.
That book with The Sketch looks beautiful.
Enjoy your tourist season!

Underemployed1 said...

The frock is beautiful, I have one of those coin belts, and I envy your love of the outdoors. For me, dining al fresco is as close as I want to get.

Weren't those the days when all a bad girl had to do was be bold?

Google: Spirit Fingers

Sue said...

What a beautiful place to take photos, jazz hands or not you look so lovely in every photo. That book is fabulous, love the butterfly frock.

Hippy At Heart said...

wow, that shoot blows me away! the dress is divine and I can't tell you how much I love your headpiece!! fab fab fab!!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Loving the whole look with the long hair and headdress!! That Swimming Team Intervention thing sounds like it could get rough lolzzzz I hope it doesn't com ego that!