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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Naughty Valentine

Some people follow trends and hanker for the latest lust-have but I tend to intermittently obsess over fabrics.
I bought this 'Miss Jeannie' dress on eBay a few years ago when I had a huge thing for all things lurex.
This fabric certainly isn't everybody's bag with its often quite raspy texture but that is one of the main reasons to why I love it so much...
its raspy and spangly qualities is what does it for me :)
There is also something rather space-age about lurex that really appeals to me.
At the post office earlier the cashier asked me if I was wearing red because of Valentines if!
Roses, chocolates and champagne
 Last table booked down lovers lane
Twice the price, sans ambiance
Will expensive gestures induce romantic trance
A pricey card with a contrived poem 
Because on February 14th you have to show them
Thanks but no thanks, Mr Valentine
I think I'll just choose a different day to express mine
Vintage 20s tux jacket, 60s lurex dress, 90s mesh top, lurex tights, fishnet knee-socks, tartan  print boots, sequin beret & 90s silver sun earrings.
If you do happen to be a fellow lurex lover then I've got a stunning floor-length 90s bodycon dress up for grabs in my eBay auctions, go check it out, it's got more cosmic girl sass than you can shake a stick at ;)
I was in two minds about sharing this next pic but then I thought to myself...
"Jen, since when did you become such a prude"? 
For Valentines day 2001 I wanted surprise Mark with "naughty"card. 
This was back in the days when digital photography was still a bit of a rarity and most people (me included) had to traipse down to snappy-snaps to get their photos developed.
So I took some near naked pics wearing just some self made nipple covers and a barely there thong.
Was I worried about handing my film in?
Thankfully, the local chemist that I used didn't have an in-house lab 
so I was spared any blushes when I went to pick up my little envelope of saucy pics.
I bought some heart shaped stickers placed them strategically and the card was all sorted.
Needless to say my beloved was thrilled ;)
This of course begs the question...
If you were to become famous tomorrow, have you any reason to fear the scandal rags?
Lot's of love,

Friday, 18 January 2013

The wonderful white stuff

It snowed all morning, so when hubby came back from work we went for a walk in the park, threw a few snowballs and took some outfit pics, as you do ;)
Today's Ensemble:
Musk Ox of Copenhagen parka coat
Three pairs of leggings
Crushed velvet leotard
Revamped kilt pin top
Vintage 20s gents waistcoat
Steve Madden boots
Tibetan prayer bangle
Studded collar
Earrings that I made myself 
Knitted scarf as headdress
I'm wearing two of my favourite things today. 
My 1920s waistcoat that I got from my mother-in-law about five or six years ago. I love it so much I have literally worn it to pieces, the armholes are fraying, the seams are coming apart and the lining is threadbare but I still think it improves with every wear. The last button fell off a couple of years ago but instead of replacing it I added a punky kilt pin. I call it my tatterdemalion waistcoat.
The second favourite I'm wearing today is my Danish made parka coat. I bought it from a car boot sale on a roasting hot summers day some years ago and got it for song. It is amazingly warm, I think you could quite possibly undertake an Arctic expedition wearing this.
I can see myself wearing this coat for many many winters to come, unless I of course emigrate to a country that doesn't do cold winters ;)
Lot's of  love,