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Friday, 18 January 2013

The wonderful white stuff

It snowed all morning, so when hubby came back from work we went for a walk in the park, threw a few snowballs and took some outfit pics, as you do ;)
Today's Ensemble:
Musk Ox of Copenhagen parka coat
Three pairs of leggings
Crushed velvet leotard
Revamped kilt pin top
Vintage 20s gents waistcoat
Steve Madden boots
Tibetan prayer bangle
Studded collar
Earrings that I made myself 
Knitted scarf as headdress
I'm wearing two of my favourite things today. 
My 1920s waistcoat that I got from my mother-in-law about five or six years ago. I love it so much I have literally worn it to pieces, the armholes are fraying, the seams are coming apart and the lining is threadbare but I still think it improves with every wear. The last button fell off a couple of years ago but instead of replacing it I added a punky kilt pin. I call it my tatterdemalion waistcoat.
The second favourite I'm wearing today is my Danish made parka coat. I bought it from a car boot sale on a roasting hot summers day some years ago and got it for song. It is amazingly warm, I think you could quite possibly undertake an Arctic expedition wearing this.
I can see myself wearing this coat for many many winters to come, unless I of course emigrate to a country that doesn't do cold winters ;)
Lot's of  love,