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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Bedouin Dreams

Frock number eight stayed up late to admire the moon & the stars from the rag rug clad floor of the Badawia bar...
The Frock:
This fabulous vintage 70s maxi frock only got shot on the first day cause I forgot to pack it when we went out for our last session.
The first session was on the day when the wind wreaked havoc with ruffles and blew my hat off on several occasions, so we didn't manage to get many nice shots of this particular frock, my hair was all over the place and the wind blew up the skirt giving it an inflated appearance. 
I did wear it a few times during the holiday so other pics were taken of it.
I bought this off eBay late last year and I have worn it loads,
it's one of my favourite frocks at the moment.
It's labelled 'Canda International' & if I'm not entirely mistaken 'Canda' was/is a range sold by the cheap & cheerful high street fashion retailer C&A.
It's made from super comfy brushed polyester which features a stunning floral print.
I really love this dress and I will be wearing it for years to come I'm sure.
The Double Vision:
I apologize for the shameless over usage of mirror image pics in these holiday wardrobe posts but what can I say, I'm really into them at the moment, I'm sure it's just a phase, I'll get over it ;)
The Bedouin Tent Bar:
The last picture was taken at our favourite resort bar which was a partially open top bedouin style tent with colourful rag rugs covering the ground, ornately carved wooden tables, super comfy pouffes & camel stools (the ones you can sit on) scattered around and pretty arabic lanterns hanging from the ceiling. 
In other words my favourite kind of place!
It was rarely busy so you could plonk yourself on the floor in the middle of the bar, lie down on the rugs and stargaze.
They played Egyptian pop, served up a mean cup of refreshing karkadé (hibiscus tea) & the sweet smell of shisha was forever lingering in the evening air...HEAVEN!
Next up a choli top & vintage maxi frock mashup ;)
Hope you lovely peeps are enjoying the weekend!
Lot's of love,