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Friday, 5 October 2012

September on speed and Odd Lovin'

What the heck happened to September, eh?
'WHOOSH'...that's what a rat out of an aqueduct!
October entails a trip to B&Q to get draught excluder tape & tea-lights,  an hour or five up in the loft swearing like trooper whilst trying to locate hats, gloves, woolly scarves and other cold weather related clobber & paraphernalia. 
It is also usually the month when my hot water bottle 'Gino the Giraffe' makes a reappearance in bed and he brings with him at least another duvet, thermal PJ's and bed-socks for my poor frozen feet. 
I take to wearing outdoor clothing indoors & favor wigs to keep my loaf warm.
Don't get me wrong, I love this time of year...the coziness of dark the evenings, rooms lit up by tea-lights and candles, hearty soups and roasted pumpkin.
Soon the park will be on fire with colour and for a few weeks we will be treated to natures very own art display. 
I go for long walks along the urban nature trail near our house, it smells divine, just like the woodlands where we used to go mushrooming when I was a kid.
It would be so lovely to live near a forest, I'd get well into foraging then...
berries, mushies and wild veggies.
One day we will leave this dirty city behind us and to be truthful I am very much looking forward to that day.
I sorted out my wig collection earlier and was reunited with my turquoise cartoon cool wiggy-woo, as soon as I put it on a little dress-up session ensued...
Super funky vintage 60s psychedelic floral dress, lurex tights, Demonia heels, cartoon cool wiggy-woo
Fabulously ladylike vintage 50s leaf print dress labelled 'A Russell Stuart Model' & a gorgeous vintage patent clutch from  Odd Lovin'
Whilst on the subject of  Odd Lovin' I was super lucky a few weeks back when I won their giveaway... 
I don't actually buy make-up very often cause I always get stuff from my mum as pressies so I never really need to but I have to say that these Lily Lolo mineral make-up products really impressed me...
 The vegan friendly eye shadow is lush, the colour is called 'Deep Purple' and it certainly is that.
This is now my favorite eye shadow and I have no doubt whatsoever that it shall remain so for the foreseeable future...sorry FACE Stockholm but I may have to dump you!
Odd Lovin' vintage is the brainchild of Malmoe based stunner Tuva Minna Linn...
"She writes poetry, drinks sweet sherry and listen to 70s records. Tuva Minna Linn is the creative spirit and vintage lover behind Odd Lovin’. Ever since childhood she’s been inspired by clothing, always mixing, trying and falling in love with something new. Her heart beats for the 70s and just the sight of a Ossie Clark dress can make her cry."
Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she's also a wonderful wordsmith and fabulous stylist to boot.
Here are four of my fave garments from the Odd Lovin' shop...
High Flyin' Bird vintage caftan dress
Soul Sacrifice vintage Indian hippie dress
Somebody To Love vintage embroidered boho dress
What The World Needs Now pre WW2 Japanese Houmongi kimono

Wicked stuff I think you'll agree and if you happen to live in the south of Sweden you can even pop along to their showroom to try before you buy...sweet as!

Have a cracking Friday y'all!
Lot's of love,