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Sunday, 17 February 2013

On the Buses

I am most definitely a cloud spotter, one of my favourite things to do in the summer is to wander up to the park, sprawl out on the grass and just lay there for hours watching the clouds drift by.
Today we went along to Selfridges to listen to Gavin Pretor-Pinney who is the founder of The Cloud Appreciation Society
The hour long talk was both entertaining and enlightening but I would have loved for it to have lasted longer. I think Mr Pretor-Pinney would be the perfect dinner party guest cause he is funny and engaging in equal measures.
The talk was free and if you could guess the different cloud types featured in the presentation, you were given a little badge.
After the talk we browsed the book section of Selfridges but perhaps needless to say we didn't buy anything.
Years of car boot sale buying has made it quite impossible for me to pay more than a fiver for a book, unless I'm buying it straight from the authors website or amazon.
Selfridges' prices are simply not compatible with my thrifty nature but it's nice to have a wee look.
As we were making our way back home we came across two old buses and a whole heap of bus enthusiasts taking pictures of them.
Such a retrotastic backdrop seemed too good to miss out on, so we joined the throng of "bus spotters" and quickly snapped a few pics ourselves :)
H&M tiger stripe coat, vintage 60s Chinese sign print dress, vintage 50s booties, layered tights, self-made necklace, velvet gloves and my Stockholm syndrom wiggy-woo.
I do have a black and white setting on my camera but these pics had the effect added on PicMonkey.
I think B&W is the perfect tool for enhancing the whole retro vibe.
We had to be super quick when taking these photos cause the "bus spotters" weren't really that interested in having a dolly bird in their pics ;)
Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.
Lot's of love,

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Do cloudspotter's wear anoraks?

Today’s post is all about the beauty of nightfall.
We've been treated to some cracking cloud displays here in our little corner of London over the past few evenings and as a fully paid up member of The Cloud Appreciation Society I obviously grabbed my camera to document it ;)
This is the wonderful vista I get from the window of my home office...
These pics were taken over the past week.
This is my favourite...
I love these long whispy clouds, they look like dancing ghosts.
When we went to Malaysia earlier this year I took a lot of pics of the stunning sunsets over there.
Here are some of my favourite Langkawi sunsets...
I'd much rather watch a sunset than a soap any night of the week ;)
Hope you are feeling all calm & blissful now ;)
Lot's of love,