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Thursday, 23 May 2013

From wallflower to wildflower in a few easy steps

Yesterday was Wig Wednesday and what better way to celebrate the occasion than to create a magic wig wonderland in one of East London's coolest bars which incidentally is exactly what the amazing Samantha Barnes, director of Tangled Wigs decided to do. 
I was thrilled beyond words when Sam asked me if Frocktasia would like to pop along with a rail full of vintage & retro threads.
The event was a fundraiser for CLIC sargent a children's cancer charity and the fabulous theme of the evening was 'Barbie Glam' . I stocked my rail to the hilt with fancy frocks, blingy tops and pink jackets. I also brought a plethora of hats, specs and sunnies, stoles and feather boas so that anyone who didn't fancy a frock could still join in the dress-up fun and frolicks. Mark very kindly helped me cart all the gear down to Barrio East and even stuck around to help set my pitch up, what a diamond dude my hubby is. Mark would have stayed all night but unfortunately he starts work at a really ungodly hour. 
Sam had put together a wonderful team of people to make this a very special night. 
Gorgeous Emma who runs Purple Hearts Boutique had brought along a mouthwatering medley of fabulous jewellery and accessories. Check out her online store for trendy and affordable ladies fashion and awesome adornments.
 There was a lot of primping and preening going on with no less than two fabulous make-up professionals and Neil Curtis who is also Tangled Wigs head stylist.
 Here's wonderful Sam in action, making gorgeous girls look even more gorgeous in Tangled Wigs :)
 I was very tempted to snap up the blonde wig that I am wearing in the above picture.
Sam was doing a cracking deal, £30 for one or £50 for two with 10% going directly to CLIC sargent. I have a fair few wigs but none of them even come close to the softness and wearability of these. The wig that I started off in, was bought from my local wig emporium, it keeps slipping backwards so every now and again you have to yank it forward which can be a little disconcerting for who ever you may be in mid conversation with but the Tangled Wig that I tried on not only stayed put but it also felt really natural  & made me feel very sassy. These wigs are top notch quality for a very affordable price and I'm not just saying that cause I adore Sam, it's the truth.
 Every one was smiling, laughing and having a ball, even the guys in the band joined in the fun. Here they are playing their gig in wigs, all besides the cajón player who decided to go with a Frocktasia hat instead.
Barrio East was a perfect venue for this event, loads of funky peeps kicking about, an absolutely solid and fun-loving bar team and the venue itself looks the bees-knees. Colourful, quirky and altogether brilliant!
 The pink wigs were definitely the event favourite :)
 It was really nice to see the lads get in on the action look fabulous dahlings!
I didn't manage to get many photos of people actually dressing-up in Frocktasia's threads but the in-house photographer was there most of the evening snapping away and there were of course other people with cameras, so I'm hoping some of their pics will be of the two people that got dolled up in the wedding dress and the awesome dude that squeezed into a hot pink evening gown, yay!
It was brilliant evening, Sam really got it spot on! 
I met some fabulously  kind and inspiring people that I would love to hook up with again. I think the 'Tangled Wigs Wig Wednesday Party' was an absolutely ace idea and I'd be the first one to volunteer if there was to be another one like it. It would actually be tremendously cool to do this on a monthly basis cause once rumour spreads I recon it could grow to become a very popular night out. A magical wig wonderland that offers up a liberal helping of hair- & make-up expertise, dress-up mayhem and a fun fun fun photo booth, that is my idea of a perfect night out :)
Wouldn't you want to go to a party like that?
My Barbie inspired ensemble of the day...
Blonde wig,  70s mini dress, lurex tights, lace-up boots,  Frocktasia disco-ball earrings & beaded bib necklace.
I'll leave you with a song from the undisputed queen of wigs, enjoy ;)
Loads of love,

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Just call me Kelly Kildare

In honour of Saint Patrick's Day I decided to squeeze in to my Irish dancing frock and pretend that my name is Kelly Kildare. 
There's just enough room in this dress for my lungs to keep functioning properly so they'll be no binging on colcannon & Guinness, as for dancing and listening to fabulous folk music...bring it on!
I'd been on the hunt for a traditional Irish dancing dress for ages but on eBay they were always either too small or too expensive.
I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled upon this beauty at a car boot sale a few years ago.
It was more than affordable, the chap selling it said that he was happy to let it go cheap if he knew it was going to a loving home.
I love the fabulously bright cherry red colour.
It came complete with cape sash and crochet collar, I simply couldn't have asked for more!
Sure it's not in mint condition, it's got a few nibbles and marks here and there but it is worth every single penny that I paid for it!
Just look at the Celtic knot applique & embroidery...stunning!
It's been very dreich outside today and the drizzle has been pretty much constant.
We'd run out of bird seed, so we popped to poundland to get a few more bags.
On the way back we stopped off to feed Lilo and friends. 
They weren't that interested  today cause I think they'd already had their fill.
Sometimes we don't bother going up on a Saturday or Sunday cause there are so many other people feeding the birds over the weekend but I do like to pop up if it's a particularly cold or damp day, just in case.
It's been rather windy lately & my flimsy fine hair is being swept in all directions making me feel like The Baldy Man :)
I don't use hairspray so I guess I'll just have to live with it...
Today's Ensemble:
Traditional Irish dancing dress, vintage 50s velvet jacket, Victorian style lace-up boots,  Celtic  folk art inspired earrings, patterned tights, gloves & Frocktasia black rose headdress.
Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend...
 Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig!
Today's tune is by one of my all time favourite Irish singer songwriters Luka Bloom, enjoy :)
Loads of love,