Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Bernshaw & Beret

The other week Lady Gaga stepped out in the iconic Versace safety-pin frock  that was originally worn by Liz Hurley at the premiere of  'Four Weddings and a Funeral'  in 1994.
In 2008 this frock was voted "the greatest red carpet gown of all time" and it certainly did great things for Liz.
Lady Gaga is a bona fide master when it comes to dressing for attention and I really dig her trademark outlandish style, however I'm really happy that she didn't team the dress with a meat hat or a taxidermy headdress :)
English label Bernshaw made a replica design of the Versace dress and thanks to eBay I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of those a couple of years ago...
I haven't as yet had the opportunity to wear it to a social occasion, it it deserves a proper occasion.
I will be celebrating a biggie-burfday in a couple of years so I may hang on to it until then ;)

Our PADI certification cards for Peak Performance Bouyancy and Navigation specialty diver came through the post today, only two more to go and we've clocked up five.
Half way to becoming Master Scuba Divers, yay :)
We still have to log twentyish more dives and do the PADI rescue diver course but that won't happen until next spring, unless I stumble upon a pot of gold or something.

Today's Ensemble:
 Vintage 50s velvet jacket, 60s day dress, 80s boots, beret with vintage brooch, patterned tights.

Mark thinks that I look like Michelle from 'Allo 'Allo! in my beret...
Listen very carefully, I shall say 'zis only once :)
Lot's of love,


Anonymous said...

I like the iconic Versace inspired dress, I really loved Gianni's works, so feminine and sexy and you have a perfect super model body, so even if it's a copy is amazing on you!
I'd love to be Gaga and dress like her on daily basis, often we have to wait an occasion and it's never the right one to be daring..
Anyway, I adore the mint green dress (I think is one of my favourite colours)and the beret looks amazing too!

Perdita said...

OOh I love that minty colour with the winter black/beret.

Ahka Vintage said...

I think though that it will always be Liz Hurley's dress - it was so sensational at the time.

Anonymous said...

OMG i love that dress!!! x

Vix said...

Wow, Jennie! That Bernshaw number fits you a treat! If I were you I'd throw a party just for the perfect excuse to rock it. Curtise sent me a fab Bernshaw maxi dress last year, she told me that she got it for a pittance as the lady selling it said it was too lairy for anyone to wear!
That beret suits you beautifully & so does the green frock! xxx

Anonymous said...

that is too awesome that you have a similar dress like that...can't wait to see pics of you wearing it for your bday! happy almost bday by the way!

xx. Hybrid Hunter

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh glory be to the 50s velvet jacket! I absolutely love how you rock the beret - no matter how much I try, how I twist and turn it around on my head I just don't seem to be able to get one to look "right" - I love it on you! xoxo