Thursday, 9 May 2013

Psychedelic salad days

This is my favourite time of year, everywhere something is bursting into bloom.
Little fluffy bundles of joy are melting the hearts of children and butch builders alike up at the boating lake. The park lawns that were a waterlogged mess a few weeks back have regained their zest and are now like a lush green carpet perfect for walking barefoot on. Flowers fill the air with delightful scents and the suns warming rays are lifting city confined souls everywhere. I feel wave upon wave of positivity washing over me as life regenerates once more.
Vintage 70s psychedelic jumpsuit, retro woven suede belt, Moschino denim jacket, Handmade African necklace and bangles, Hush Puppies sandals, retro sunnies, soap-stone heart & macrame earrings.
I bought the jumpsuit that I am wearing today from the Battersea Boot Sale
Being a print nerd I succumbed to its psychedelic charms.
My lovely mum bought me this fabulous handmade African necklace from Tradera (eBay in Sweden)...
Psychedelic prints have a good energy about them, they are the print equivalent of a sunny day in my opinion.
I'm really excited of how everything has just Tigger bounced into life again over the past few weeks. 
Right now I feel like I need to sweep my body clean with lots of green goodness to rid myself of the toxins that have built up over the long winter months. I'm dusting off our juicer and getting psyched up to take on the park in my running shoes, all good stuff!
 I promise I won't bore you with endless pictures of our salads, maybe just for a few more days ;)
I hope you are all feeling energized and happy peeps :)
Loads of love,


thorne garnet said...

Yeah for spring! I've been doing some major weeding of the flower beds, which is always fun. All the little nature things that are poking their heads up bring a smile to my face.

Connie said...

I can just imagine you doing your own little Tigger bounce full of energy from all those greens and making us smile with your groovy psychedelia.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Amazing print jumpsuit and the salad looks yummy!!
Becky :)

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

GAh! Afrikainspirerad byxdress - hur bra som helst!

Sacramento Amate said...

I love salad days and gorgeous people like you, dear jennie.
I am still in Berlin until next week, so making the most of it.

Penny-Rose said...

O wow this jumpsuit is fantastic and I love it with the denim jacket and the jewellry. Reading your post made me feel brighter and happier - its been a rough day and very autumnal weather. Thanks for the positive energy boost!

Mrs. D said...

It's great that the sun is showing itself a bit more :D
Love your dress, it's really cute!
The salads look really yummy, I don't mind at all if you post some more :D

Underemployed said...

Post away! I need the inspiration. Size 10 and climbing...

Forest City Fashionista said...

That is one fabuliscious jumpsuit - the colours are just gorgeous!

Krista Gassib said...

Love the crazy print on this outfit!!!! I'm with you in spirit but man I'm still digging the pizza and beer:)

Panty Buns said...

It's my favourite time of year as well! Your colourful 70s jumpsuit and denim jacket and retro sunnies look great. Please continue the salad photos - I could use the dietary and culinary inspiration - and the tomatoes will, of course, get more delicious as the season progresses :)

La Dama said...

You do look more at peace with yourself.
Love that unique print on your outfit and that necklace is lovely.
Mmmm I enjoy looking at other peoples salads.
Yours looks so good.
Thanks for the shout out. you know I adore your fab style and sason.

Emalina said...

What lovely positive words, glad you've got a spring in your step Jennie! Looking gorgeous in that striking catsuit, perfect for the sunshine! It's been cold and rainy again here this week, so here's hoping there's more sunshine on its way, like you I find it helps me feel so much happier...