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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Psychedelic salad days

This is my favourite time of year, everywhere something is bursting into bloom.
Little fluffy bundles of joy are melting the hearts of children and butch builders alike up at the boating lake. The park lawns that were a waterlogged mess a few weeks back have regained their zest and are now like a lush green carpet perfect for walking barefoot on. Flowers fill the air with delightful scents and the suns warming rays are lifting city confined souls everywhere. I feel wave upon wave of positivity washing over me as life regenerates once more.
Vintage 70s psychedelic jumpsuit, retro woven suede belt, Moschino denim jacket, Handmade African necklace and bangles, Hush Puppies sandals, retro sunnies, soap-stone heart & macrame earrings.
I bought the jumpsuit that I am wearing today from the Battersea Boot Sale
Being a print nerd I succumbed to its psychedelic charms.
My lovely mum bought me this fabulous handmade African necklace from Tradera (eBay in Sweden)...
Psychedelic prints have a good energy about them, they are the print equivalent of a sunny day in my opinion.
I'm really excited of how everything has just Tigger bounced into life again over the past few weeks. 
Right now I feel like I need to sweep my body clean with lots of green goodness to rid myself of the toxins that have built up over the long winter months. I'm dusting off our juicer and getting psyched up to take on the park in my running shoes, all good stuff!
 I promise I won't bore you with endless pictures of our salads, maybe just for a few more days ;)
I hope you are all feeling energized and happy peeps :)
Loads of love,

Friday, 3 May 2013

Mooching around with my mouche

The weather has been glorious these past few days and there has been a veritable explosion of greenery in the park. To think that just a few short weeks ago, we were holed up in our little central heated burrow fearing that the spring would never come. This year spring is like a fashionably late & much anticipated party guest, when she arrived she did so with more flamboyancy than you can shake a stick at. 
No jacket and peep-toe sandals, it really is spring folks...HUZZAH!
Today I'm wearing one of my self made genie jumpsuits and a mouche.
I was inspired to fashion an 18th century style mouche from a bindi patch after reading an interesting history of beauty marks.
I do have a very faint mole there anyway that I usually fill in with liquid eyeliner to make it more prominent but this one is huge and had the cashier at Lidl do a double take.
The jumpsuit is made from vintage fabric that I bought from a car boot sale some years ago. Whilst on the subject of vintage fabric jumpsuits, have you seen Vix's latest curtain couture offering? Totally amazing-zing, that woman knows what she's doing!
Frocktasia vintage fabric genie jumpsuit, Principles crochet waistcoat bought from car boot sale, 80s Pierre Cardin peep-toe sandals from charity shop, still going strong after at least five summers and several holidays abroad, Indiskan scarf which was a present from my mum, sunnies & necklace from car boot sales.
In other news :)
I "made" a summer chair for our balcony. Mark salvaged this armchair from the streets of London a few years ago. I never liked it cause it had those horrendous foam pads on top of an ugly lattice of plastic strapping but for ages I just threw a blanket over it and used it as my offload chair in the bedroom. The other day I stubbed my toe on it whilst hoovering and in a fit of rage I exiled it to the balcony intent on getting rid of the darn thing but before I contacted the council to come and collect it, a creative wave washed over me.
I cut off the lattice of plastic strapping, binned the foam pads and made a "chair sock" from a  heavy-duty canvas fabric. I threaded the sock over the metal frame, hand-sewed the bottom bit shut and screwed the metal frame back onto the wooden bit.
Hey presto, our new balcony chair...
 One more sleep and then it's Dandy Time, yay!
I'll be up early tomorrow morning running around like a blue-arsed fly no doubt. Thankfully Mark will be on hand to help me as he is not working this weekend, so getting there shouldn't present too much of a problem this time around. It will be a grand ol' day I can feel it in me waters, so many fabulous sellers this month, I can't wait to have a wee nosey around their stalls :)

To finish off a might fine tune by Annie Lennox with some heart-shaped mouche action going on, enjoy :)
Have a cracking weekend peeps.
Loads of love,

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Travelling through threads

I’ve had the black velour jumpsuit that I’m wearing today for over twenty years.
All throughout my teens my mum would let me order a few bits from the mail-order catalogue each season.
What would usually happen is that I would scope out the things that I fancied & then hang on until the sale to get more bang for my buck or kit for my krona as it were.
Invariably the things that I’d chosen ended up in the sale, perhaps cause I would usually favour the more impractical & ostentatious garments.
Whilst my mates took their fashion inspiration from Beverly Hills 90210, I sought my style stimulus in music videos; I wanted to look like the chicks on MTV, hell yeah!
The early 90s saw my wardrobe embrace a holy mishmash of clingy, second skin like leggings, jumpsuits & mini dresses, jewel tone long velvet waistcoats, ridiculously oversized jumpers in a kaleidoscope of colours and a rough and ready camouflage print bomber jacket.
I also bought my first ever pair of DMs and wore them to death.
My favourite shade of lipstick was called ‘Chocolate Kiss’ and my perfume was New West by Aramis. 
I know that some people recoil in horror when faced with photos of their younger self, mainly because of the clothing they were sporting back then but I see these photos as little snapshots of a journey.
Personally I love seeing how someones style has evolved throughout the years and although my own long & winding road has been laced with a fair few fashion disasters, 
all-in-all I'm pretty pleased with where its taken me.
How about you?
Vintage 80s snakeskin print jacket (eBay), 90s velour jumpsuit (Halens), 80s cowboy boots (car boot sale), beaded bib necklace (pressie) & DIYed earrings (made myself)
The words that you can see in the first pic are from a song by one of my all-time favourite bands 'The The'.
You can listen to it here, go on you know you want to ;)
Lot's of love,