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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Feels like summer

When Mark left at quarter past five this morning I grabbed the duvet and went to sit on the balcony to watch the sunrise. Next doors lilacs are just coming into bloom so the early morning air was delightfully fragrant. I lay down on the duvet closed my eyes and listened to the birds twittering away. Three hours later I was awoken by the blazing sun that had by now risen well above the rooftops. I made a cafetiere of coffee and enjoyed it sitting in the glorious morning sunshine. 
Ganesh Tee, Tie-dyed cut-offs made from a pair of hubbies old jeans &  70s slip-on sandals.
Today felt like the first day of summer :)
I'm not sure what's happening with my hand in this picture, it looks as if it is momentarily venturing into a parallel reality, either that or it's been afflicted with tourettes?!
The ever smiling postie delivered my EFR card this morning. I am now officially qualified to save your life, bandage you up if you fall off a ladder and do a whole heap of other useful stuff ;)
Mark and I decided to go over to our "summer diet" today, so there will be salads aplenty over the coming months. I have also stocked up on Tahini so that Mark can start making his amazing bean dips again, yum!
 Today's salad: spinach, kale, rocket, watercress, chicory, parsley, chopped baby tomato & pinto bean mix relish served with fresh Turkish bread from the shop around the corner.
I'm getting very excited about about you?
Loads of love,

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Camera Woes & Cosmic Ordering

Today I've traversed the length and breadth London Town looking for a camera doctor for my snappy friend that decided to have a midlife crises at the beginning of the week. 
Once the patient had been checked into hospital and I had been told that it could take up to four weeks before he may be better again, I totally panicked!
It is quite impossible for me to live without a camera for up to four weeks,
impossible I say!
Besides critically needing it for work purposes, I feel totally lost without my camera cause it chums me just don't know when the next 'must-capture' will occur,  it can happen when you are doing something quite ordinary and dull like popping to the post office.
So when I got back home I threw myself on the compy (it did hurt a little but I am fine) and ordered a replacement on the Jessops website, to be picked up in store on the same day.
Huzzah, thought two hours I will be cameraless no more, sadly I was wrong!
I jumped on a bus and after a 45min ride found myself being told by the dude at the store that due to an stock update error, they didn't actually have the camera I had ordered in stock but that I could have their old fusty display model for the same price...
thanks but NO THANKS!
Still, I'm not one to give up that easily so I got hubby to order one from another Jessops in town.
Another 45min bus-journey later and lo-and-behold, the exact same thing is repeated in the other store.
I'm again told that I'm either facing a three day wait for the model that I am after or that I can buy one of their greasy display models at no additional discount....
the barefaced arse cheek of it!
By now invisible fume is bellowing from my nostrils cause I provided both stores with my telephone number on-line when making the orders, so they should have called or at the very least texted me to tell me that the camera wasn't in stock, utter slack-ass behavior, they deserve to be slapped in the face with a rotten cucumber or perhaps even several cause I'm in that sort of mood! 
Anyway, on the way back home I called hubby to have a moan down the phone and he said that he'd try to order yet another one and then give the store a call just to make sure it was there.
So hopefully tomorrow morning I shall be the proud owner of a brand spanking new camera...third time lucky?! 
Before my other snapmonster decided to have its breakdown we managed to shoot a second lookbook for the shop.
We entitled  this one 'Indian Summer'.
Yes, autumn may be lurking just around the corner here in the northern hemisphere but I am cosmically ordering an Indian Summer for us all, lets see how that one works out ;)
I've just added lot's of stunning vintage frocks to the shop and I'm slowly wrapping my head around the whole process of running it.
Here are the 'Indian Summer' lookbook pics...
All the dresses and the skirt above are already available from the shop.
If all goes to plan with my new camera tomorrow we will be doing yet another photo shoot this weekend in a slightly more dramatic setting this time, I hope it doesn't rain...maybe I should cosmically order a sunny Bank Holiday weekend  too while I'm at it ;)
All the best to you my fabulous friends!
Lot's of love,