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Thursday, 21 July 2011

A surprise parcel from the undisputed queen of quirk

My other 'KATI' dress was delivered this morning but its arrival was totally eclipsed by the content of another mystery parcel.
For a moment I thought I’d been sleep-eBaying but after peeking at the sender address I realized that it was from the tremendously fabulous Helga.
What a darling she is surprising me with a parcel of goodies all the way from New Zealand, thank you ever so much my lovely!
I fell totally head over heels in love with the two fabulous frocks in the parcel.
In fact so much so, I had to shed all my clothing and pop one immediately.
Here it is, isn't it just flipping AMAZING!
The print, the colour, the cut...just WOW!
It's labelled 'Oriental Crafts' and the print is in my opinion art gallery worthy.
It's a wrap dress, but unlike some of my other wrap dresses the skirt on this one is gorgeously billowing.
As for the colour...a sumptuous terracotta red, simply stunning!
Helga is a complete wiz at getting frocks that fit me like a glove too, what a marvel!
It's been piddling down here most of the day, so I only managed to get pics of one dress outside before the sky ripped open again but I thought I'd rope Barbara in on the frock action too.
So here she is modelling the second fabulous frock...
Another art gallery worthy print, I think you'll agree & the cut is very 70s cocktail party hostess, I love it!
The label on this one reads 'Styled by Exclusive Frocks, Made in Christchurch New Zealand'.
I'll take some proper pics of this & the 'KATI' frock tomorrow...if it has stopped piddling outside by then.

Helga my dear, you’ve got me on a mission now to reciprocate your overwhelming kindness. 
This is not the first time that Helga has lavished me with gifts, here are some pics of other amazing stuff that has made the journey all the way from Christchurch into my vintage wardrobe...
Vintage 70s sky blue leaf patterned maxi (that I hitched up for this pic), The funkiest hot pink vintage cap ever & a very stylish 50s frock in navy blue.
Like I said 'FUNKIEST CAP EVER' & a vintage 70s dreamy pink swirl pattern maxi frock.
I almost wet myself when she sent this awesome Hawaiian vintage bikini. I brought it with me on our hols in Malaysia & Thailand earlier on this year. Mark (my hubby) wrote Helga's name in the sand before taking that sunlounger pic ;)
Goodies galore from the undisputed queen of quirk, anyone who hasn't got Helga on their blogroll hasn't lived yet as far as I'm concerned. 
Along with Desiree, Vix & Sarah she makes up my fantastic four 'Legendary Frockers' as featured in my sidebar.
If there is such a thing as a 'must-have' on a blogroll then surely these fab four ladies fall into that category, so if you haven't as yet...add them...they will make your life sweeter as they have done mine :)
Thanks again Helga, I LOVE my new frocks & the funky bag too.
Lot's of love,

Saturday, 2 July 2011

A post that Barbara Cartland would be proud of

After last weeks Barbara Cartland related frock post I had an urge to delve deeper into the world of pink ;)
So I scoured the blogs of a few of my fave frockers & found lots of pinky fabulousness on offer.
I think Helga could very well be Barbara Cartlands secret love child, just look at the magnificent use of full-on pink in these four cracking ensembles...
Vix mixes it up using a clashing shade of jewel green, 
that ties in beautifully with the print on her baby pink frock, awesome!
 I also came across Desiree wearing this amazing hot pink pajama ensemble (loving the contrasting chartreuse hair flower) & Sharon sporting a lovely summery pink floral print frock...
So the bloggers that I love certainly don't seem to shy away from the quintessentially girly hue favoured by Barbara Cartland ;)
What about you, do you rock pink?
I certainly do...
Where do you stand on men wearing pink?
Yay or nay?
Personally I'm not keen!
When I visualize hubby in the above ensemble & it actually hurts my brain a little.
Which is your favourite shade of pink?
Mine's got to be fuchsia.
Here's some more pinky loveliness...
Hope everyone had a fabulous Friday night & is not feeling too fragile this morning.
I actually managed to wake up with distinct hangover-esque feeling after drinking two bottles of groTesco's 1% cider...
I mean what is the world coming to folks ;)
Have a great Saturday y'all!